Remotii was built with you in mind.

  • Easy to install

    Remotii works over Ethernet or WiFi. Minutes is all it takes to make your things remote controlled and remote monitored. Remotii gives you 4 inputs that can email or text message you when things change or just show you their status on a real time web page. Three outputs can control about anything that can be controlled with a simple switch or push button. Hooking up the inputs is a simple as hooking up a flash light bulb and a battery. Remotii uses low voltage only, so you can’t get hurt. If you plan to control or monitor lights or other high voltage things you will need relays or X10 devices and maybe some guidance.
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  • Easy to configure

    The Remotii setup wizard offers fast and convenient way to configure the default settings recommended by your Remotii Service Provider. Of course, if an alternative configuration is preferred, feel free to adjust the settings in accordance to your preferences. You can change your configuration any time you want.

  • Extremely versatile

    Remotii can hook to things that use 5-12 volts. Remotii can supply its own 5 volts for switches connected to nothing else like maybe a garage door, so you can see if you forgot to close it. Wireless devices will work. We recommend the Linear 4 and 8 channel receivers with their wide variety of transmitters. Smoke, CO, glass breakage units, door and window switches, motion detectors, hand held buttons and more. Works the other way too. Connect a door transmitter to a Remotii output and a wireless receiver can work for you in a place where you can’t run a wire. Reboot that frozen PC, activate the alarm, call in a second thermostat, monitor the hot tub, are the kids home? All easy! Did we mention you can adjust all the inputs and output for what is active an what is not and what colors they display for each case. You can customize later and just select your Remotii Service Provider (RSP) default conditions. One click and you are there. You can always change your schemes and the way things work any time with just a click or two..

  • Email and text message notifications

    Remotii can email and text message you when something happens. Each input can have a multiple email addresses and phone numbers. Each input can be configured to generate a notification based on your preferences. You get the plumber when there is water on the floor and you know when the dog walker forgot to close the door. Remotii can even email or text you that your Internet has gone down. You get only as much email or text message interaction as you want.

  • Scheduled events

    With the Remotii smart scheduler, you can set your alarm, water the grass, or perform the action of your choosing on a predefined schedule. Events may be one-time, recurring daily, on a given set of days, weekly, monthly or yearly. Events may also be conditional and occur only if one or more input conditions have been met.

  • Chained events

    Similar to message notifications but with a twist. Instead of telling a person, your Remotii may be configured to trigger another Remotii when one or more specified events have occurred. For example, one could lock down multiple buildings when a panic button is pressed or when an alarm is triggered. This system is extremely versatile and may be coupled with Scheduled Events to create distributed activities at a predefined time.

  • Optically isolated interface keeps your systems safe

    One Remotii can connect to different systems at the same time. To keep these systems safe from each other, Remotii uses an optical interface. Remotii outputs are solid state switches to power negative. If you have a sensitive device to control we recommend a small relay to create a clean “dry” closer. Please do not exceed 50ma current @ 12v current through the solid state switches.

  • Safe and Secure. Remotii's use encryption from beginning to end

    Your browsing experience and back end data transfers are encrypted. Remotii also employs a number of internal measures to keep your information as well as your “what’s happening now” data safe.